2023 Agenda - Day Two

Chair’s opening remarks

Aligning internal communications as a core strategic function within business

  • Examining how internal communications role has evolved since Covid-19 and the move to hybrid working
  • Building on success: how internal communicators can leverage their position to sit on the board
  • Asserting internal communications influence on corporate direction, purpose and culture through insight and community building
  • Establishing a two-way dialogue: creating the conduit for employee voice at board level

Managing a crisis from the inside: preparing and responding to crises with effective internal communication

  • Cutting through the noise: setting tone and communicating clearly and transparently with employees during times of crises
  • Understanding what steps need to be taken to align all aspects of business in preparation and response
  • Working closely with external communications colleagues to determine the order of information flow
  • Working with employees to mitigate concern both internally and externally
  • Addressing negative social media


Morning networking break

CASE STUDY: The strategic role of internal communications in managing change

WORKSHOP: Applying neuroscience in the workforce: moving the dial on culture and performance through behaviour change

  • Understanding how behaviour change strategies can be practically implemented in the workforce to motivate and engage employees
  • Moving from theory into practice: what tactics can be deployed to facilitate change?
  • How can internal communicators implement behaviour change at scale to support workforce transformation?


Networking lunch break

Supporting high performing teams putting good communications at the heart of the organisation

  • Understanding how internal communication can drive high performance in an organisation
  • Constructively working with managers to enable purpose led conversations about performance
  • Driving motivation: celebrating success

CASE STUDY: Together We Grow

How we used the launch of our strategy to inject fun back into the business, reconnect with key audiences, and help our people connect with our projects and each other. Comment end  

Head to Head: The importance of internal communications for building company culture

  • Using internal communications to align employees with corporate strategy 
  • The value internal communications can bring to mergers and acquisitions


Conference close